Computer Science

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The questions I have for this project would include: Does the CEOs/Presidents have to be in the same indusrty and could we include their personal attributes pertaining to their leadeship influences or just business information. For the project I plan to create an outline early so that I can start gathering the information that I need to complete the final project. By having an outline it will also help with organizing the information.
How do cross-cultural differences affect the use of or response to power in organizations? With cross-cultural differences that could be a good and a bad thing in some places. Sometimes when american businesses delegate other countries to complete certain aspects of the business that other country may have different practices than we have here in t he US. With that it may be easy for us to take advantange of the low cost and unfavorable working that they have in the other country which for us should be morally wrong. Also with working with cross cultural differences you have language barriers that may cause delay with productive. On the other hand some people can use these differences as power over the other countries placing themselves superior.
Legitimate Power stems from the position a person actually holds. A person may not really have the ability to lead and or manage the individuals that report to him however because he holds that title it gets him the authority over them. Reward power is derived from the leader’s ability to reward emp Create a GUI that u

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