Course room We live in the most interesting and fast changing time in history

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Course room
We live in the most interesting and fast changing time in history. Among my responsibilities is to engage our graduate learners with the fact that if you do not prepare yourself and contribute to the near and far future you will be passed by it and your future will not be all that it could be. If however you stay connected to the science and technology media, which is very big, but not so loud you can begin to grasp what scientific and technological changes are about to reshape and in some cases remake our world.
This assignment requires each learner to prepare a PowerPoint presentation with an accompanying set of talking points (Bullet comments in the presentation) about one of the topics listed below. The presentation should be about 21 slides long no more than 25 no less than 18. The slides should can include video, graphics, data, text just about everything but please don’t put long narratives on the slides. You may use an template you like except for the Microsoft black and silver template with the antique or legacy silver attributes. Any other template is OK. 
The content of the slide is the new technology. The context of the first presentation is the state of the technology NOW. The process is to describe the
current impact and influence in the economy and society. What is it doing how will it change the world or a specific industry. What will it combine with? Does it introduce not just positive things but are their secondary potential aspects, which may destabilize current technologies or industries and the damage the economy in the short term. Will there be social changes? I would like for everyone to post their selected topic area. There is one thing. Only three students can do the CLOUD. The criteria of evaluation for this presentation will be content, context and quality.
Topic are
 Technology in Medicine 
Technology in Home and building construction

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