Future Brown Bag & WFH (Work From Home) Ideas  1. Do you have ideas for fut

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 Future Brown Bag & WFH (Work From Home) Ideas 
1. Do you have ideas for future Brown Bag presentations? 
Refresher: Brown Bag presentations (also known as Lunch & Learn) are 1-hour long presentations developed and given by Ops Center employees. They can be about almost any topic of interest and can range from a fun activity, self-help, professional development, best practices, etc. The time is not billable so these generally occur around lunch time, hence “brown bag”.
Pitch AT LEAST 2 ideas for future Brown Bags. Give more than just a title or idea, write at least 1 paragraph per idea explaining the essence of the presentation, why you think it would benefit our contract, what you hope it achieves, and what the format or content/agenda would be. You would not necessarily have to be the presenter, but try to develop the idea enough that you or someone else could take your idea and flesh it out into a real Brown Bag. Don’t limit yourself to 2 ideas if you have more; be creative, let ‘em rip! J
2. Do you have ideas for future Work From Home assignments?
We here at the WFHome Office are always looking for new ideas to offer up as we try to keep things fresh and seasonal ;). Pitch us AT LEAST 2 ideas for future WFH assignments. Ground Rules: These assignments can be worth 2, 4, or 8 hours. They need to be something where something is produced that can be verified as a completed task. They should be related somehow to our work or professional development. Ideally they could be something that will produce a result that is actionable. Ie: provide new insight to yourself, managers or coworkers, but this is not always necessary. We try to incorporate a mix of options to include, listening to things, reading things, and doing things. The goal of WFH is to be something that provides a certain level of flexibility here at work, in exchange for a minimum Level of Effort in completing a task that will either help you, or help management, or the contract/company. Again, if you are bursting at the seams creatively, don’t limit yourself to 2 ideas, but be sure to flesh out your ideas and really explain them with at least a paragraph so that they could potentially be put into rotation! 

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