HR Management and Organisational BehaviourAim Demonstrate a critical understandi

HR Management and Organisational BehaviourAim
Demonstrate a critical understanding of cross cultural HRM performance-related and reward measures and inter organisational communication and team dynamics. Make recommendations to international companies in terms of HRM practice transfer.The Brief
Critically analyse HR strategies and synthesise key factors in a case studyAdditional Info
Written paper 4000 to 5000 words
Grading Criteria
Students are expected to address all the learning outcomes the case study is testing. As a general guide marks should be allocated out of 100 as follows:Background/Introduction
Knowledge of subject; understanding of concepts/theory
Application of theoretical concepts
Information analysis/synthesis
Presentation (written expression formatting referencing etc.)
Lessons learned/Conclusion
100Learning outcomes / Competencies
1. Analyses and assess the HRM function in todays domestic and international business and illustrate its importance in the strategic development of an organization: students should understand how HRM is critical to innovation and competitive positioning (and that HRM has undergone substantial changes in recent years). They should demonstrate an understanding of the strategic role of todays HRM is all assignments.
2. Assess motivational/leadership and organizational theories.
3. Develop an understanding of the components of change management and be able to analyse and evaluate contemporary HRM theories.
4. Assess the relevance and validity of performance-related reward measures.
5. Develop a critical understanding of inter organizational communication and team dynamics.
6. Appreciate the theories and challenges involved in cross cultural HRM and make recommendations to international companies in terms of HRM practice transfer.Raffles Policy:Late submission: All work submitted after the submission deadline will be limited to
a maximum of 50% and will not be accepted after the end of the study period unless
special circumstances apply.Plagiarism and Cheating: Any form of cheating collusion or plagiarism will be
punishable by the awarding of a failure grade in that subject. Repeat offenders may
be expelled from the College at the discretion of the Academic Director.A full description of all rules and regulations is available via the student handbook
which is available via our web site.Grading Bands<48% Fail 48-49% Conceded Pass 50-64% Pass 65-74% Credit 75-84% Distinction 85-100% High Distinction

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