LAW 101 Law Business and Society Assignment Question Scenario Part 1 15 marks J

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LAW 101 Law Business and Society
Assignment Question
Scenario Part 1 15 marks
Jenny and Mia are best friends who have known each other since starting high school. Upon finishing school Jenny started a Commerce degree at the University of Wollongong while Mia enrolled in a Diploma of Design at TAFE. One day Mia shows Jenny some designs for handbags that she has been working on. Jenny loves them and is sure that they could manufacture the handbags and sell them to make money. Jenny feels that she could easily write up a business plan so that they could approach a bank for a business start-up loan of $10000 and really make a go of this business. Mia becomes very nervous as soon as the idea of a bank loan is mentioned as she is barely able to afford her food and rent. She is not keen to go into debt. Mia suggests that they could start by buying some materials cheap make some handbags themselves and build the business slowly from there.
Discuss the various types of business structures available andadvise Mia and Jenny as to what type of business structure you
would recommend for their situation (based on the information
provided above)Outline your advice including clear reasons supporting yourrecommendation(s) making reference to and discussion of any
relevant law

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