Part One You will choose 6-10 pages of your work for this class and revise th

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Part One
You will choose 6-10 pages of your work for this class and revise them for a final portfolio.  You must include at least one full-length revised essay. If you wish, you may highlight passages that you have revised significantly, but you aren’t required to highlight.  
The revisions should involve more than just editing for punctuation and spelling errors. Use what you now know about writing a literary analysis along with my feedback in Peer Review and your classmates’ feedback from the Discussion Board to create a significant revision of your work. For each assignment submitted (on time in a format I could open), you will have extensive feedback  with a rubric for the Essay One, Two and Three assignments. Use this to craft your revised essay(s).
Significant Revision Means:
Looking at material with new eyes. Now that you have a little time to look back on your essays, you will inevitably see where you can do better. Maybe you have new and deeper views on material that didn’t seem as clear as midnight was approaching. Wink wink…You’ve written quite a bit and know much more about essay structure and organization as well as what makes for strong content: direct quotes vs. paraphrasing, for example. Use these new skills to reshape what you see. Don’t be afraid even to adjust your thesis in a new way that will open up your support and allow you to analyze more freely.
Omitting material that is repetitive or unclear or not as strong of an analysis. This might mean omitting words, sentences, or even whole paragraphs. For many of you, support and conclusions need to be taken out and started again from scratch.
Adding Content that will deepen and expand your analysis. This might mean finding better hooks to open your essays. This definitely means finding more direct quotes from the book to illustrate your assertions. It might also mean more thoughtfully stating your opinions to open your support and expanding your analysis of quotes and/or revising what you want to say in your thesis.
The final stage of your revision is editing. This is where you look for all those pesky fragments, comma splices, missing commas, misspelled words, incorrect apostrophes and capitalization. I do not want to see a revised essay that only addresses these issues. I’m looking for essays where content changes as well to demonstrate your growth as a writer.
Part Two
After you’ve finished your revisions, please craft a one-page reflection letter that looks back on your writing progress this quarter.
Things to Consider in Your Reflection Letter Might Be:
How have you grown as a result of reading and writing assignments this quarter?
What do you see as your weaknesses and/or strengths as a writer…Has this perception changed? Why?
What’s something you’ve learned about yourself as a writer this quarter?
What do you see as good quality writing? Why?
Has your writing process changed? How?
Has your ability to analyze what you read changed? How?
How has your reading and/or thinking process evolved during the quarter?
What’s something you struggle with in your writing? How have you addressed this during the quarter?
What’s something you are proud of that you’ve written this quarter? Why?
What’s something you learned about time management and writing?
What’s something you’ve learned about crafting clear opinions and backing up your views?
What’s something you’ve learned about written vs. spoken expression?
What’s something you’ve learned about ineffective writing?
What’s something you can do in your writing now that maybe wasn’t possible at the beginning of the quarter?
Has your confidence as a writer changed? Why or why not?
Where do you still see need for improvement? How can you address this?
These are just ideas….What I’m looking for in the letter is your ability to think critically about your own process as a reader/writer/thinker: what you’ve accomplished, how you have grown, and what you can still improve. Feel free to refer to your revised essays in the letter as well.

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