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Opportunity cost is defined as a benefit, profit, or value of something that must be given up to acquire or achieve something else.  For this case the student will have to decide how important it is for them to pursue an education and the opportunity that awaits them should they complete it.  Not everything requires an degree to be able to succeed in life so the student must decide if a degree is best for them to put in the time and money it will cost.  If getting the degree is the path the student takes, they will have to endure the cost that it will take to get the degree by means of paying for the classes, books, living expenses, and even travel.As it goes for cost, the student will have to decide on how they will pay for their class.  Will it be through scholarships, grants, loans, or person money.  This will plays a huge factor as college isn’t cheap and you could spend half your life paying off your debts should you choose to get a loan.  For the students, this is a burden that they have to deal with and for the loan side, it is profit for whoever gives the loan. With classes, books, living expenses, and travel all mixed into the loan, the student takes a heavy hit into their budget as it will effect the way they live and budget their money when they are done with college. Is getting a formal college education worth my opportunity costs? In my situation, I would say it is well worth it because I know how my budget will end when I am receive my degree.  I am veteran and have school paid by the VA so therefore I will not take any big hits to my budget by pursuing a degree.  If anything, I will be making a profit by pursuing a degree as I will have 2 sources of income that I will be receiving during my time spent as a student that is funded.  So yes in my case, it is worth it.

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